Couples Therapy

Whether you want help to heal from past hurts, learn a new way of engaging with one another, and create different patterns. Regardless of what has happened in the past and regardless of whether or not you stay together, your relationship can heal.

• Navigating the impact of having a neurodiverse  (ADHD) partner on the relationship
• Overcoming “roommate syndrome” and rekindling passion
• Deciding what to do after revelation of an affair
• Managing differences in sexual desire or expression
• Learning to communicate, and even argue, effectively
• Adjusting to different parenting styles and becoming a united team as parents

Individual Therapy

Amber is happy to tailor her presentations to fit your audience and event needs
General Topics: 

• Psychology of Habits and Behavior Change
• Psychology of Marketing
• Time Management & Productivity Hacks
• Secrets of the Most Efficient & Profitable
• Business (What Most Businesses Need to Pay Attention to, But Aren’t)
• Working ON Your Business vs Working IN It 

Signature Talk Titles: 

• Why Aren’t I Cutting It? How to Be Effective in a Non-Stop World
• Superwoman Sucks – Why not even Martha Stewart can live up to Martha Stewart.
• Habits of Highly Effective Employees
• How Unrealistic Expectations Get in the Way of Your Own Happiness. 
“I highly recommend Amber Hawley!”
As a mental health professional myself, Amber has been absolutely crucial in helping me build my business. She is professional and personable. Whether you are just starting your career in need of guidance or going through a tough time and looking for support, Amber is a fantastic person to have by your side. She’s the real deal and has a great sense of humor. She is very compassionate and able to see the best in you even when you can’t. I HIGHLY recommend her! 
Melody Donboli, LMFT, Owner