Private Couples Retreats

Your relationship with your partner/spouse has a great impact on the quality of your life. Whether you are in crisis or just feeling like roommates, taking time out to address the issues in your relationship can be the best thing you do to improve your life.

For some weekly therapy if difficult due to work/family demands or those with inconsistent schedules or lots of travel. A customized retreat can be the solution for those wanting to maximize progress in creating connection and/or healing.  

What we offer:

We customize the retreat to address the particular issues you’re are dealing with. We do this by starting with an assessment that you and your partner fill out and send in before the session and then the therapist puts together a plan of activities and training to address those concerns.

Before your retreat:

Each person will fill out an assessment that will allow the therapist to customize the retreat to address what areas of concern you have and to best reach the goals you set for the day and your relationship.

On the day of:

We work through a series of structured exercises, activities and discussions to work on the issues and goals you established in your assessment

We provide refreshments and snacks in an upscale, relaxing environment to make the day feel as comfortable as possible
We also give you a few other goodies to facilitate taking away the most from the day You will get actionable, manageable tools and strategies that will work towards your goals
We will send a follow up email with any suggested next steps and resources 

Follow up:

We know that change requires consistent effort so we offer a follow up session at a discounted rate for you to check in about what is and isn’t working and to get further support.

Sometimes couples attend a retreat and then do a session once a month until they feel they have reached their goals, others use it as a jumpstart to address more serious issues and then attend weekly therapy after that. Some just use the retreat as an opportunity to connect and to take their relationship from good to great. Whatever your need we can support you. 

Retreats are usually scheduled on Friday, Saturdays or Sundays (other options may be available if those don’t work for you. All retreats are with our Clinical Director and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Amber Hawley, #49614. She has been providing couples counseling for over 10 years and couples are a majority of the clients she sees clinically. She is a relationship expert and infuses humor and a down to earth approach to therapy. 

What kind of issues can be addressed in a retreat?

Poor Communication
Sex/Intimacy Issues
Ongoing Conflict
Roommate Syndrome
Blended Family Issues

*You can also complete our pre-marital program as a retreat. 

Typically retreats start between 9am and 11am  

VIP Priority Retreat

Sample day- 10am – 5pm – with a one-hour lunch (on your own)

• Assessment evaluation and customized retreat planned
• 6 hours of one-on-one time with the therapist
• Snacks and refreshments during the retreat
• Two national bestselling books for further support that address your areas of concern
• Follow up next steps plan for increased success in integrating the learning from the day
• Journals for continued reflection
• Digital self-care package that supports you taking care of yourself so you can be your best in the relationship
• A discounted follow up session for check-in and support with the therapist

VIP Retreat investment $1,500