Relationship support for high achieving couples 

Your professional life is exceptional, your relationship can be too. Let us show you how.

CouplesFix provides online support and practical trainings to help you create the best possible relationship without leaving the comfort of your home. 

People refer to you as a high achiever. With focus, energy and dedication you have accomplished much in your career. 

But in the process, you began to think of work as a necessity and love as a luxury. As a result, your relationship has suffered.  

 You’re here because

• You have become roommates, and not the good kind
• You have the same fight repeatedly
• You feel unseen and unacknowledged

What score would you give your relationship when it comes to

• Love
• Sex
• Parenting
• Finances 

You deserve a strong, intimate and fulfilling relationship that meets the needs of each partner.

You do not need to carve out time for another meeting on your calendar. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

CouplesFix is an online hub where all trainings and coaching can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 
Clients say after working together their relationship is transformed.

• They ask instead of attack to test whether their assumptions are correct.
• They own their own mistakes.
• They offer to “make it right” when they have hurt their partner.
• They keep perspective.
• They don’t allow one interaction to become a dumping ground -- or kitchen sink -- for all their upset feelings and resentments.  
Licensed therapist and couples expert Amber Hawley understands the demands of entrepreneurship and has a track record of helping couples reconnect, heal and have the relationship they always wanted.

She helps clients transform their relationships by recognizing the patterns in their behavior and communication styles that create conflict.